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User Requirements

$2,000 added to User Research

Following from user research, we produce an extensive user requirements document to help our clients better understand the needs of their user groups.

Where do we get user requirements from?

  • user research
  • strategic drivers, initiatives and needs, taken from consultation with internal stakeholders and business areas
  • site, performance, usability and accessibility goals.


MoreUX delivers a requirements specification report that provides a blueprint for the website (including mobile web), intranet or application. Key components of the requirements document include:

  • website purpose and goals
  • personas and scenarios for key target user groups
  • core value propositions (what the website can offer) for each user group
  • key site performance goals
  • mobile web goals
  • usability and design goals
  • accessibility goals
  • a list of proposed features and content objects for the website including:
    • priority
    • alignment with user and business goals
    • indication of whether the content exists and to what degree.

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