Usability Reviews

Once we understand your users and your business, moreUX can analyse your website and identify usability issues and provide recommendations on how to fix them.

Methods and tools

Cognitive walkthrough – using scenarios and personas (user profiles) a consultant conducts typical user tasks in order to identify points of confusion, barriers, and general problems.

Heuristic evaluation – an expert evaluation against user goals and known design conventions and usability heuristics.

Best practice design – depending on the type of site or application, we may also be able to provide examples of leading designs from competitors and leaders in your industry.


The whole evaluation process generally takes between 5-10 working days depending on the size of the website or application.

Benefits of a usability review

  • fast and inexpensive
  • identify usability problems
  • fix early in the development process
  • solve problems and ‘showstoppers’ with your existing website
  • keep your clients, customers and staff happy
  • improve the user experience
  • improve your customers’ view of your website and organisation.


A usability evaluation report which highlights high, medium and low severity issues. Utilising our expertise and knowledge of online user behaviour and best practice design, we make recommendations to address the key issues to improve your website, intranet or application’s user experience.

We can also work with your team after the evaluation to further improve the Interaction design of your website or application.

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