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Flexible Enough to Change Your Mind

Remember back in high school? (For some of us it has been a while) Do you remember liking a song or a group and proclaiming they were THE best group of all time… only to find a new favorite in a month?

If we aren’t careful, we start to lose that ability. The one that lets you realize perhaps you haven’t found the perfect thing or solution. The trait that allows for experimentation and recanting.

To put it another way, it is also admitting that “maybe I was wrong”. In the business world (beyond high school) we are much more hesitant to admit that. Much more hesitant to follow a path that might prove that we were “wrong”. This is often the source of many a company’s hesitation to perform usability testing. It might prove that a genius idea is no longer so… genius.

Still though – wouldn’t you rather know? Isn’t the improvement and gain worth the experiment?

The UX world calls it usability testing or user experience research. The rest of the world calls it “keeping it real”. At least we did, back in high school.

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