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CG Testing


What is Your Reason for Consumer Goods testing?

  • You have a new product that hasn’t launched yet. You want initial feedback to test the market reception or test the usability of the product.
  • You have an existing product that people aren’t buying or aren’t liking once they buy it. You want to find out why and what they would rather buy, or what they would change.
  • You have an existing product and want to introduce new functionality but aren’t sure the best way to implement it.
  • You want to identify who your target demographic is for your product (pre or post launch).


Typical Methods We Use

  • Expert Review: We review the product for usability problems using methods such as walkthroughs and usability checklists.
  • Usability Testing: We sit down with real or potential users of your product, give them real world tasks, and observe and document their behavior.
  • User Research: We help you understand your target user groups and use that knowledge to develop product requirement specifications.
  • User Requirements: We take the results of User Research (see above) and produce an extensive user requirement document to help you better understand the needs of your user groups.

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