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Accessibility Audit

Do you really need to make your site accessible?

  • Approximately 19% of Americans have a disability (USCENSUS 2010)
  • Approximately 14% of Canadians have a disability (HRSDC 2004).
  • About of these people have a disability that specifically affects their use of information and communication technologies.

To accommodate users with a disability, your website should be designed and optimised for use by people with disabilities and should at least meet Priority 1 W3C checkpoints developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Our services – Accessibility audit

MoreUX uses automated assessment tools as well as manual evaluation techniques to determine the extent to which your website supports a wide variety of possible users (including those with disabilities).

It is our view that compliance with W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines will not necessarily ensure your site is accessible or usable for people with a disability. We also encourage clients to consider task based accessibility testing with vision impaired users. MoreUX has a network of accessibility professionals that are able to provide these services.

An accessibility audit is often performed in conjunction with Usability Testing.

Deliverable – Accessibility audit

We provide you with an accessibility evaluation report which highlights Priority 1, Priority 2 and if required, Priority 3 violations. This report includes the rationale for our recommendations, examples and where applicable, relevant code recommendations to improve the accessibility of your site or system.

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