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Rants, Praises, Musings

Dear User Experience, We Miss You.

Some companies decide to reduce their price when they start to lose market share. They figure people will switch back if they are cheaper. People don’t really switch for cheaper. They switch for better. If you want to keep your market share, deliver a user experience that people will truly miss if it disappears. Make…Continue Reading

Profit, Results, and User Experience

All your KPIs and dashboards… all your profit, revenue, and other numbers… they are just measurements. You need them to paint a picture, but the story that built the numbers was already there. Behind all the data you can obtain, there are user experiences creating those numbers. It turns out that if you improve the…Continue Reading

Making Things Better (by Exploring their Roots)

Many times we are called into a usability project to “make things better”. Usually this results in us going backwards towards the original intention or requirements for the thing or task, and then looking at what has changed. In other words, “make it better” means finding out What was it like before? What is it…Continue Reading

Blantant Seth Godin reference

In case you didn’t know, I’m a fan of Seth Godin. He isn’t directly a UX advocate or guru, but the man says a lot of good stuff. This is one of his latest mini-blog posts. It is short, so I will rewrite it here: Two ways to listen You can listen to what people…Continue Reading

Designer Bias – Its not your fault

In a previous article we talked about Designer Bias. It may have made designers sound like an arrogant lot. That may occasionally be true, but in all fairness, its not their fault. Its in our DNA. We are hardwired to rewrite history in our brains so that things generally seem rosier than they actually were.…Continue Reading


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